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Lester has served in the Financial Industry for 23 years and decided on a change of career where he could use his people’s skills, Customer Service experience and his significant business network in a competitive industry, hence has been in Real Estate for nearly 10 years. He was a Customer Service Manager and enjoys being of service to Landlords and Tenants. 

With a high care factor for his clients and workmates, he confidently delivers the required service and more for our organization. Lester has professional negotiating and communication abilities. 

Rest assured, you are in good hands with his prompt communication and efficient time management skills. Your comfort and trust are his business and his business is our company’s successful workday. 

His work/life balances see him performing in an American Country Music Covers Band, and his passion for cricket is second to none. He enjoys spending time with his sport talented kids and a high achiever wife. 

We Offer Property Management Services in Mebourne

We have leasing/routine specialists and open home managers. Their role includes – opening vacant properties, security checking prospective tenants, and conducting routine inspections every 6 months on your rental. You get detailed updates on the condition of your properties for your record.  Our admin department prepares your leases, property owner, and tenant files.

Our certified property managers arrange maintenance, rent increases, lease renewals, and attend VCAT when required.  We completely acknowledge the huge amount of work that is required before moving into that new home.

Planning, packing, scheduling the move, organizing and connecting the utility services, inspection, renovation, etc., are just a few things that are a part of the whole renting process. With our closely knitted network of tradesmen, Freedom Realtors are able to assist you in making a wise decision. We also ensure a seamless transition into the new residence. Even if you move in or rent out, there are instances where you will need other services. For instance, a qualified electrician, plumber, or carpenter to sort out unexpected breakdowns.

Oftentimes, it is frustrating not being able to find the right person at the time of need. From a landlord’s perspective, ongoing property maintenance is the key to ensuring that the property is in prime condition. Also, at the same time, it secures the capital growth that they are seeking. Whereas, tenants look for a trouble-free experience to resolve urgent break-fix requirements. These facilities are of paramount importance for a comfortable and stress-free tenure at a rented home.

Freedom Realtor’s Services: 
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager – Your constant companion who will be willing to support you throughout the journey. 
  • Tradesmen Network – With a trusted group of tradesmen in our business network, we are able to quickly connect you to the right person to get you quick service. 
  • Reasonable pricing – Having a long-term relationship with our tradesmen contacts, we have been mindful to work with the best talent at the most reasonable pricing in the industry for their services. 
  • After hours support – Our property managers are contactable 24/7. It gives you the ultimate confidence of having us cover your back in case any unforeseen issue comes up. 

Look no further and give us a call on 047 637 2002 if you would like to discuss further about the services we offer and how to navigate your specific property management needs. 

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